Find the answers to our mostly asked questions

What is Bakvalo?

”We are reseller of some Valorant,League Of Legends,PUBG And Rust enhancements, but we do not only sell enhancements we also sell a Spoofer that can spoof any game that you have gotten HWD banned in based on your motherboard.”

What are you payment methods?

Our payment methods are Credit Card,Paypal And Crypto
If you would like to pay with Crypto or Credit Card you can pay on the website at and if you pay with Paypal, open a ticket we will send you the address.

I got banned whilst using your product, what should I do?

First we are gonna ask you a couple of questions about your reports,play style and type of ban wether it’s IP,Shadow or HWD Ban after that we will tell you what you should do and don’t worry, we will give you a solution.

Should I use the cheat on my main account?

Never use your cheat on your main account, cause we don’t know if you are playing blatantly and when the next banwave will hit so we highly don’t recommend using a chair on your main account.

What should I do after payment?

An e-mail is sent to you and the key of the product you bought in the e-mail and an installation file are sent to you.
If “you did not receive this”, please create a ticket on our website.

If I buy a woofer, will it work for me?

Woofer, EXCEPT ALL major Laptops and PCs only:
– HP
– Acer
– Monster
– Lenovo
– Dell (Alienware Including)
– Razer
– Mac’ler

In which games does the woofer unban?

I have a problem, what should I do?

If you have a problem, please open “TICKET” and contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible. We have a 24/7 active support team.

I paid but nothing came to my e-mail address?

Do not forget to send your “Order” number after creating a “TICKET” and opening a please contact us ticket.

I bought the product but could not get it to work.

Create a ticket with your order number and we will respond as soon as possible.